​​Many business owners ask: “Why should I outsource my accounting and what would the benefits be to my business?”

Here are a few reasons why you should consider outsourcing your accounting to OHS:

  • We can reduce your bookkeeping costs

  • You can be assured that you will have up to date, real time accounting information

  • You will eliminate the time taken to find, hire and retain a reliable bookkeeper

  • Management time is eliminated – management can now focus on the core business issues

  • You, as the business owner, have 100% control of your money

  • Your system is more secure – now you have an independent 3rd party processing your records and performing the bank reconciliations

  • We shall assist your business with all aspects of VAT compliance

  • Ensure compliance to accounting standard due to the fact that transactions are accurately recorded as per the required accounting framework



At OHS we have the staff and the experience to assist your business in resolving these issues by providing timely financial information and assisting you in complying with all the legislation applicable to small and medium sized enterprises.

​Examples of the detailed deliverables that our accounting department can offer your business:

  •     Maintenance of accounting records through to the trial balance

  •     Preparation of periodic management accounts

  •     Preparation of financial statements – interim and annual if required

  •     Preparation of budgets and cash flow forecasts

  •     A comprehensive payroll maintenance and administration outsourcing service

  •     Recording of monthly income/expenses/debtors/creditors/assets / liabilities

  •     Reconciliation of bank accounts, creditor accounts as well as debtor accounts

  •     VAT, PAYE, UIF, SDL calculations and submissions of returns on time

  •     Monthly consultation for Business Advice

  •     Preparation and submission of annual tax and VAT returns

  •     Preparation and submission of ROE (Return of Earnings)