We pride ourselves in providing our audit clients with the following benefits from our procedures performed:

  • Providing the directors with confidence regarding the accuracy of the reported financial figures. This could also act as a deterrent to fraud and financial mismanagement.

  • Providing management with a report on any potential weaknesses in the financial controls of the company identified during the course of the audit, together with recommendations for improving internal controls and hence the risk profile of the company.

  • Audited financial statements can lend credibility to the financial status of your business when provided to third parties and demonstrates your willingness to subject your financial affairs to independent scrutiny.

  • Obtaining access to the knowledge and expertise of people in the audit firm with significant experience in various public and private sector businesses.

Examples of the detailed deliverables that our Assurance department can offer you:

  • Private assurance audits and other agreed upon procedures

  • Public sector assurance audits