B-BBEE is and will continue to be a strategic imperative for your business and for our country as a whole.


Our partner, Alan Randall, is approved by the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) as a B-BBEE Approved Registered Auditor.We are therefore able to conduct the verification of your B-BBEE scorecard and issue a verified B-BBEE scorecard for your business.


If you have not yet focussed on your B-BBEE status or are looking to improve your current status, we are able to provide you with strategic advice in order to achieve the maximum score without unnecessarily burdening your business with additional overhead costs.Often we find that business owners are unaware that their current business practices already meet certain criteria set by the B-BBEE Codes and that with just a few minor changes, a meaningful B-BBEE status can be achieved.


Should you require our advisory services in regard to B-BBEE, we will not be able to perform the B-BBEE certificate verification and therefore our clients will need to decide which of these services they will require from us.