Our Services

We offer a wide range of professional services to a diverse portfolio of clients.  We can tailor make our services to every individual clients requirements.

​Some of the key services that we offer:

1 .Accounting and preparation of financial statements


2. Advisory services

  • Design and implementation of internal control systems

  • Public sector advisory services

  • Estate planning and administration

  • Amalgamations, mergers, reconstructions on take-overs

  • Business plans and corporate finance strategies


3. Assurance

  • Audit of Public and Private clients


4. B-BBEE Consulting


5. IT services


6. Secretarial services


7. Tax administration and consulting





At OHS we have the staff and the experience to assist your business in by providing timely financial information and assisting you in complying with all the legislation applicable to small and medium sized enterprises.

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We pride ourselves in providing our audit clients with many benefits from our procedures performed.​

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We pride ourselves in providing our advisory clients with many benefits from our qualified staff.

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Our IT department offers various hardware and software solutions for a variety of applications which are applicable to our clients.

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We strive to provide our clients with the best tax advice to ensure their tax liabilities are kept to the minimum. We achieve this through tapping into the vast, detailed knowledge and experience of the individuals working in our tax department.

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Company Secretarial

Our secretarial services department offers a wide range of specialist services. Our department consists of individuals who have a detailed knowledge of all the requirements as well as experience in the relevant laws applicable to your company.

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